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Ingolstadt passed the 100,000 population Mark in 1989 and has been one of the major cities in Germany ever since. It is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria after Munich and second largest German city on the Danube after Regensburg.

In 1472 the first Bavarian state university was founded in Ingolstadt, where Frankenstein was also a professor. The free-spirited Illuminati order was established here in 1776. The historic old town has essentially been preserved.

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Due to my occupations with demolished report with true devotion to Hospitality, Comfort and Luxury being Jet-Set having a great Sleep for your next task or day, either Business-Meetings; Big day no matter if meeting the Families, Interviews or having a Blast with friends Constantly looking Jet-lag or appearance of tiredness was never a problem for me. Having a cozy nice Sleep, going to dreamland with the knowledge of a so-called beauty sleep is an amazing thing and actually waking up to it. Therefore, I rent a very central suitable room for every intention, from business day to a party weekend in Ingolstadt.


If you would like to book the room to brighten your day when you wake up, believing you will get a unique service by a great professional Consultant focused on Customer satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

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