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I genuinely believe on that one Special Day, which should be flawless filled with pure Joy and love to share. Making people happy, seeing a true significant smile on their faces throughout and after my hospitality, gives me inner joy to show the positive energy I share with those that share their Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings any kind of a cheerful congregation with their beloved ones that will be taken well care of by my special ability of recognition, awareness and comfort.

Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with some amount of goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangersLouis, chevalier de Jaucourt describes hospitality in the Encyclopédie as the virtue of a great soul that cares for the whole universe through the ties of humanity. Hospitality is also the way people treat others, that is, the service of welcoming and receiving guests. Hospitality plays a fundamental role to augment or decrease the volume of sales of an association.

I reassure you through the development of my Life training well-being you and you beloved ones will have an unforgettable day with Taffy (Well-Pleased, We made us Happy) and will share the Taffyness.

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If you would like to Book excellence hospitality service to brighten your day, believing your guests will get unique service by a great professional Consultant focused on Customer satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

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